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Kate is an answer to prayer, and one of the most insightful and emotionally intelligent people I’ve ever known. My daughter trusts her and looks forward to her time with her. She’s grown and thrived with Kate’s help. I’ve seen fruit in a short time spent with her, and I can see it being life changing and pivotal for my girl’s confidence, goals and knowledge of who she is for her life. I highly recommend!

5 years ago I met this incredibly strong woman and I had no idea what I was in for. I struggled with a lot including... illness, low self esteem as well as traumatic events that followed. She helped me move forward in many ways with her skills and mostly her heart. She helped me see what I can become and worked with me through it all providing amazing insight and tools I can use throughout my life to Thrive! As well as lots of health and fitness that has helped me in major ways! If you are looking for healing, hope, and health guidance this is a very special Life coach you won’t want to pass by!

-Janelle S.


Kate was more than a solid help in getting me to recognize what fears were holding me back, what mindsets I had that were defeating me etc. She did it in a very loving, genuine and caring way, always making sure I felt understood.

-Tara K.

Kate has such a gift of knowing the pertinent questions to ask, to help unpack the blocks from setting goals and initiating forward movement in those goals. She exudes warmth, grace and excels at listening...all necessary in creating trust and an atmosphere to feel safe on the journey of self discovery and growth. I highly recommend her!

-Cynthia Z.

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