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Coach Kate


"My goal in both my practice and in life, is to empower others with a voice and the freedom of living a full and healed life. I believe that we have the power to create our futures, and don't have to stay stuck feeling like victims but through our choices and mindset can create a life we are proud of- one that feels like a refuge! Hence the name Refuge Life Services.


I am a survivor of abuse and assault, and am a proud advocate for mental health.

Growing up I was familiar with the desperate fight for simple survival. Since childhood I have wrestled with a debilitating chronic illness and pain. As a teenager I suffered from multiple traumas, leading to eating disorders, self-destructive patterns, and addiction to self-harm. I struggled throughout my school years with learning disabilities, living with OCD, a severe anxiety disorder and challenges with my mental health leading to several diagnoses that I didn't know how to navigate, including Chronic PTSD.


My self-esteem and fear became so poor I stopped speaking outside of the home at thirteen. After all of this, I had to learn how to wield my own power. I walked a long and hard journey of self-discovery, inner healing and changing my mindset that I wouldn't give up for the world!I fought for my life, and I won.


Now as a coach, I focus on key areas such as mindset and self-discovery because through these, we learn to overcome and thrive. I became obsessed with the brain and learning everything I could about resiliency and changing our thought and behavior patterns. I studied the nervous system, polyvagal theory, herbalism and somatic healing.


I learned to reclaim my own voice, meet goals and begin to craft the life that I had once believed was destined to be out of reach. No matter our circumstances, I believe we are not victims doomed to poor quality of life. Through personal development we can live lives that are empowered. We can make an impact. And through the coaching process, I’m committed to partnering with you to make your goals and transformation attainable.


This is my promise to you."

- Coach Kate Brennan

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