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Do you want to discover your voice and who you are? Do you struggle with living with a chronic illness, or feel stuck battling for control over your life? Want to thrive despite wrestling with depression and anxiety? Welcome to Refuge Life Services. This life changing program was designed with youth, young adults and individuals in mind. Refuge Life seeks to empower others to create a life they are proud to live, a refuge in the midst of our busy world. The program focuses on life coaching, as well as offering intuitive art sessions, breathwork sessions, summer clubs, personal development and self-discovery courses for youth, workshops, and support gatherings. Coaching sessions are made available worldwide.

Certified Life Coach Kate Brennan focuses on self-discovery and mindset coaching by partnering with clients to discover who they are & move beyond life-altering obstacles by creating a healthy mindset. She specializes in areas such as self-discovery, learning to thrive despite a chronic illness, depression and anxiety, moving beyond past trauma and overcoming self-destructive tendencies. 

Clients grow and are empowered by learning to think outside the box, remove road blocks, overcome fear and learn new tools for a better life. Through learning how to choose and wield joy for the future, they are able to create the life they desire- a life of refuge. 





For the past twelve years I've worked with youth, families, and adults. With experience in a wide range of issues and a background in teaching and public speaking, I have created and lead courses in self-discovery, personal development, and whole-body health and wellness to name a few. I'm confident in my ability to walk alongside a diverse range of clientele. I have also worked with those from low-income communities who needed help creating a positive life; with adults seeking help from past trauma, destructive habits and eating disorders; and have worked internationally which has given me the privilege of understanding different cultural dynamics in the family. As a certified Life Coach focusing on self-discovery and mindset coaching, I've grown passionate over time in walking alongside those struggling with their identity, an illness, and life-altering obstacles that continue to hold them back from the life they desire. I'm driven by helping others learn who they are, how to find their voice, and transition to a full life where they thrive. It's amazing what empowerment, hope, and the right goals can do!

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A life coach is a professional who helps you make changes in your life, reach realizations, and supports you in actions and setting goals. If you're here, you may have come to realize that the only thing we can truly control, is ourselves. A life coach is there to empower you to move forward through powerful questions, helping you to recognize and remove blocks, create a vision for your life, take the actions you need to reach your goals and your potential, and offers accountability. Like Kate, they may also teach you new tools to aid you on your journey and specialize in specific niches (like self-discovery and mindset). Whereas counseling and therapy are focused on the "whys" of your past, life coaching is focused on the "hows" of your present and moving you into the future you desire to create. As CS Lewis said, "you can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”



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